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We’re often asked about dentists’ new patient strategies and today Jayme shares a simple, no cost tool you can use in your practice right away.


Exponentially Grow Dentists New

My Return Visit to the SYPD Podcast


Three years ago, I was Jonathon Van Horn of DentistMetrics very first guest on his SYDP podcast. 

WOW! Three years ago…

Now, after over 100 guests, 111 episodes, Jonathon asked me back to talk about a project that we recently …

Critics of The Documentary


I’m one of those people who gets nervous when I show people my work.  

Nervous would be an understatement.

When I showed the documentary to the biggest thought-leaders in dentistry, I was worried. (take a sneak peak of the …

Startup Dental Practice Location – The Iconic Location



Tips to find the best place to open a new dental practice

What if this one simple strategy for the location of your startup dental practice location gave you…

  • More new patients

Dentist to Population Ratio: 3 RULES for Real Estate Hunting


Dentist to population ratio and real estate hunting…

If you’re thinking about a startup, dentist to population ratio and real estate hunting are 2 massively misunderstood topics.

It’s common…you’re considering a startup so you hop in the car. You see

How Startups “Catch” Demographics Growth


When you get the right demographics for your startup it’s like
surfing a perfect wave.


No, I’ve never been hip enough or talented enough to catch a big wave but I do know this… 



Dental School Debt – GOOD NEWS for Associates

Let’s be candid about
dental school debt:
for dental associates, school debt
is stressful.

Nod your head if this resonates.

After helping hundreds of associate dentists across the country, I have seen specific instances when dental school debt is inherently helpful for

The 13 Stages To Opening YOUR Successful Practice

I’m so sick of my employees!!”

So how do startups hire the best teams…without relying on “LUCK”?

I used to think it worked like this:

Step 1…Cross my fingers, hope a good person replies to the job ad…find resumes with …

“Tangled Dental Startup Web”

I’ve always been fascinated by the notion that things that are well within my comfort zone, are completely outside of someone else’s.


I’ve been thinking about this a lot, and as as you know, when something is on your …

Become a Dental Startup “Rising Star”

Would it surprise you to learn you have something in common with one of the fastest rising stars in women’s soccer?

Well you do.

See, years ago, Ideal Practices was busier than we’d ever been. Our company was growing fast …

StartupMBA: Learn the Business of Dentistry

If you’re anything like the hundreds of dentists we’ve helped here at Ideal Practices, you’ve likely been dreaming of opening your own practice from the moment you sent in your application to dental school…

Understanding those dreams, the kind that …

Picasso of Dental Flooplans…Doesn’t Do Boxy & Boring


As we began helping more and more dentists open their startup practices, we realized we were watching our client’s dreams come true.

These doctors have a dream they’ve been holding on to for years, they’ve envisioned their grand opening, their …

Dental Construction changes +/- $30,000 In 30 Seconds

“The construction company just sent me a change order Jayme, the flooring they’d quoted me $1,200 for is now $11,000!!! What do I do?”


This wasn’t the first time I’d received a message like this from one of our …