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“Tangled Dental Startup Web”

I’ve always been fascinated by the notion that things that are well within my comfort zone, are completely outside of someone else’s.


I’ve been thinking about this a lot, and as as you know, when something is on your mind—you tend to find evidence of it everywhere you look, which brings me to the story I want to share with you today…


Laying in my hammock yesterday afternoon, I notice a spider’s web. It was beautifully constructed, and expertly placed. It was angled just right, and managed to catch the breeze every time it came in off the ocean.


As I admired the spider’s handy work, she appeared seemingly out of nowhere. I’m not sure what she was doing exactly, but it seemed like she was cleaning house. Gracefully moving from one corner of her web to the next, she expertly navigated every thread. clearly she was well within her comfort zone.


Almost as soon as she’d tucked herself back in her hiding spot, a gust of wind knocked an unsuspecting moth of course and into her web.


This was not in the moths comfort zone at all.


The same threads the spider had so graceful glided across just minutes ago, where now wrapping themselves tightly around the poor moth. The more it struggled to get itself loose, the worse things got for it. Eventually it tired and the spider swooped in. Dinner was served.


When it comes to opening your dental startup, Ideal Practices knows you’re going to encounter some sticky situations. They may not be life or death like they are for moths that get caught in spider’s webs, but believe me, without someone with experience and expertise in your corner, it can feel like you’re being eaten alive.


Finding and securing a location, loan approval and interest rates, construction and equipment negotiations, office layout and design…. there are so many details, it’s easy to get tangled up, overwhelmed, and burn out.


It’s a lot for any one person to handle, which is why Ideal Practices searched high and low to assemble a team of specialist highly trained in the specific areas you’ll need to navigate as you make your way towards the grand opening of your very first startup dental practice.


Just think, while other doctors struggle to free themselves from a tangled web of seemingly unavoidable problems, you’ll gracefully glide through the same hurdles with a team of experts by your side whose sole purpose is to guide you from idea to grand opening…


If you’ve been thinking about, or have ever considered, opening your own startup practice—reply to this email and let me know. My team and I would be thrilled to assist you in mapping out and implementing a strategy that will not only be customized for your specific situation, but will help keep you from getting tangled up in the dental industry’s well crafted web of lies.


You can do this and we can help make the process a smooth one.


Look forward to hearing from you,


Jayme Amos
CEO Ideal Practices

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