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Discover the tools and information in each of these publications. Our articles, videos and books earn rave reviews from colleagues. In each of our publications we provide the reader with modern highly-useable information to open your new practice. So explore our publications and prepare to move yourself forward in the process of opening your new office!

The Overlooked Ways Demographics, PPOs, Taxes & Retirement Are Linked to Success in Your New Facility

You’ve decided it’s time. You’re ready to open your new practice. But the most important decision of your career is now before you: Where?

Your defining moment as the owner of a new practice is closer than ever, and opening day is an experience most dentists never forget. The majority of dentists, however, haven’t been taught the hazards of opening of opening a practice in the wrong location and many languish simply because they’re in the wrong zip code.

Choosing the Right Practice Location is your antidote to this scenario. Never before has a book focused on this crucial topic, giving the valuable guidance required to make a profitable lifelong, decision.

How To Open Your New Dental Office in 13 Steps

Your grand opening day will be one you never forget. The aspirations of owning your own practice will come to fruition on that day and the moment will be one of the best of your life.

Unfortunately, the process building up to your grand opening is mind numbing. You will have hundreds of thousands of dollars on the line, time tables to meet, systems to create, endless design and equipment decisions to make and all of those things are merely the beginning of your to-do list.

In short, the step-by-step process of opening a new dental office has been overwhelming and complicated for decades; until now.

You’ve discovered the resource that will walk you through each of the 13 steps to opening your new practice: Grand Opening, the new book from How To Open A Dental

Watch the true story of Dr. Bryan, during his year-long journey into a startup practice. In the 5-Part bingeable series, watch the roller coaster from the dreams of practice ownership into opening one of the country’s fastest growing startups. 

See how Dr. Bryan and his family created success even with “bad” demographics and a potential loss of nearly half a million dollars along the way. 

Attend the online course that has taught thousands of associate dentists the process of opening a successful startup practice.

You will learn how to afford a startup practice, the three possibilities of startups, real estate, demographics and marketing strategies that lead to hundreds of patients in the first month.

Scholarship offers to Live Courses are available to course attendees who complete the virtual training.

Which Floorplan-Method is Best For A First-Time Practice Owner?

Learn the Top 7 Floorplan-Methods and See How 7 Associate Dentists Designed Perfect Startup-Practices

If You Have Ever Considered Opening a New Office and Want a Proven Process without All the Risks, then Reserve Your Copy of Dentistry’s First Free Training on the 13 Stages to Open a Successful New Practice!

The Training Teaches you the Proven Concepts for Startup Successes from Jayme Amos, CEO of Ideal Practices.

This Training will Give you the Precise, Expert Knowledge to Open Your New Practice.

Everything you need to know when it comes to creating your dental startup practice with Jayme Amos. 

He’s the bestselling author, expert in building practices and founder of dentistry’s most popular website for opening dental offices. 

Each week you’ll learn tips from the best minds in dentistry to create your Ideal Practice.