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Dr. Lindsay

“My office is a place I love to spend my days. We hit the ground running, we had no openings the first day. We were filled with patients right from the start. It’s something special when you walk into a practice that you have created, and the types of patients coming through the door are your ideal patients. It’s a really cool feeling to realize this is something we did and that we built. I wish I had done it sooner!”

Dr. Ben

“Ideal Practices was really cool. They said whatever you need, we are here for you. They re-did my business plan, re-did my demographics, they were so supportive and through that process now I have a practice literally of my dreams. I love what we have created. We had a really good plan in place for advertising and marketing to bring patients in. It is still surreal that I was able to produce $1M in my first twelve months.”

Dr. Bryan


“You know we’ve seen 200 patients and we’ve been open 2 months. I know so much of that has to do with all the work that went into making this place feel special, look special. You know when you come in it doesn’t feel like a dental office.

We’ve had incredible online reviews already talking about, ‘you are going to enjoy coming to our dental office’”

Dr. Lauren


“What I first noticed is that prior to working with Ideal Practices that banks were only willing to loan a certain amount to a new dentist. But working with Steven and Jayme and their team – it was night and day. Banks started talking to us, gave us money to build this practice. We saw 60 new patients in the first month and that’s being open only 2 days a week. I’m setting my own schedule. I couldn’t be happier. ”

Dr. Danny


“When I found Jayme’s book, I immediately read it cover to cover at 1 am and I was like, “this guy gets it”. Ideal Practice has this process down. They have the best team members for each part of the process. Since opening we will have seen 346 new patients. This is with only being open 6 days a week, we’ve seen our numbers increase from $28 k in May to $93k in August. Ideal Practice has helped me realize my dream of being a small business owner. ”

Dr. Jordan


“A fun part for me was the vision call. To talk through what we were going to do with my office. That’s what got me to work with the Ideal Practices team.

I would say looking back it’s been a complete success as far as the initial vision and what we set out to do. If I hadn’t found Ideal Practices I would probably still be at my old associate ship – burned out, trying to find something fulfilling.

Dr. Olga


“With the first vision call with Ideal Practices, I immediately felt incredibly mentored in what a good office should be like and how the teams should feel. I would say that we’re pretty successful and patients say “wow I really got that personal attention”. We can afford to make sure whatever it is they need they’re going to get. And be seen in a timely manner. “

Dr. Gerry


“Looking back things I couldn’t have done without the Ideal Practice team is developing the business plan and I would’ve had trouble completing things in the right order and done them in reverse which would’ve cost us time and money long-term.

We’re Crushing it number wise – we had around 250 new patients in our first month. More than doubling our goal. ”

Dr. Patel


“I strongly advise if you go down the start-up route get in touch with Jayme and his team otherwise it’s the blind leading the blind. You may know someone who has done it but just because it’s worked for them, doesn’t mean it will work for you and the Ideal Practice team will help you identify what works for your individual needs. You need someone else who can help guide your dream and when you talk to them and meet with them each week – it puts everything in perspective and you notice how effectively things are moving.”

Dr. Nadya


“I knew I wanted to create my own practice. I didn’t know where to start. At that point I started to work with Ideal Practice and Steven who helped me with the demographic analysis. Working with Ideal Practices is really customized to your needs. We have been booked since the first day. Now I have time and financial freedom. I’m stronger, more confident, and a much happier dentist and so grateful for everything Ideal Practices has done for me”

Dr. Mike


“Because of Ideal Practice I’ve been put in the right direction to run a business. In dental school – we’re not taught that. That’s why I decided hiring a consultant who could help hand-hold through the process would help and it has. Ideal Practice has helped me get more organized, identify my vision, select the contractors, equipment suppliers, and even with advertising. They cover everything and I couldn’t be happier.”

Dr. Henry


“What I liked about working with Ideal Practices was how they really set the path for you. If you go off on the wrong direction they bring you back to where you’re supposed to go.

In an environment where you’re new to this, where you don’t know who to contact, what to do or whats the next step, having someone there to guide is priceless.”

"I've worked alongside Jayme since day one. He's provided numerous services that have allowed me to move into my new facility. He really has our best interest in mind to help us grow. I would highly recommend them to anybody."
Dr. Jay

Avoid Financial Pitfalls

Drive Revenue & Results

"What a weight lifted off a dental practice owner!"

"To the associate who needs to escape the grind and dreams of having something of their own..."

"It would be an understatement for me to say that the Ideal Practices team is worth several times their weight in gold! I can confidently say that it was the best decision I ever made."
Dr. Richard

Patients on Day 1

"Hi Jayme! We got your booklet "Practice Ownership Path" in the mail last week. I read it page to page and loved it. It was just the right length and concise as heck. Really insightful too. I really enjoyed it. I just wanted to say thank you. I'll also add that I'm not even a dentist, my wife is 🙂 (a Prosthodontist), and I don't read much- I usually go the audiobook route. But this was perfect. I'm very interested in the 'business' of dentistry and find your content very helpful to help me- help her."
Deji A.

"I came into this with a mild amount of skepticism and fear... These folks lifted that weight."

"They've helped us create the practice of our dreams."

Dr. Lindsey