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Critics of The Documentary

I’m one of those people who gets nervous when I show people my work.  

Nervous would be an understatement.

When I showed the documentary to the biggest thought-leaders in dentistry, I was worried. (take a sneak peak of the documentary below!)

It’s a little like showing your cosmetic case on stage…to colleagues. You do your best work. Then show the pictures. You study their faces for a reaction.

Then wait.

Moments feel like hours…

It can be so intimidating to hear the feedback!

But it makes us better.

Do you recognize any of these thought-leader’s names?

Jonathan VanHorn

This is amazing. Required viewing for anyone wanting to open a business. Note that I didn’t just say a start-up dental practice…very eye opening on what can be achieved

Dr Paul Goodman

What an awesome way to learn about the startup process

Dr. David Maloley

I used a gunslinger approach to my startup. I had a clear vision of what I wanted but I had no blueprint…thank you for helping my colleagues get further faster!

Robert Montgomery

Wow! This is an awesome documentary on what it takes to do a start-up dental practice the right way…amazing, inspiring account of the process

Will you be one of the the next documentary reviews?

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