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Become a Dental Startup “Rising Star”

Would it surprise you to learn you have something in common with one of the fastest rising stars in women’s soccer?

Well you do.

See, years ago, Ideal Practices was busier than we’d ever been. Our company was growing fast and we were stretched thin. We ran an ad looking to fill a supporting role in our company and hit the jackpot when we found Jen.

Not only did Jen’s application read like a dream, but after interviewing her, it was clear that her fierce loyalty, commitment to excellence, and dedication were exactly what we needed at Ideal Practices.

Years earlier she’d made the decision to leave her high power medical sales position in order to support her daughter’s soccer championship dreams. Jen toured the country with her and made sure she was there for every win and every loss.

Looking to ease back into the workforce, Jen joined our team in a part time capacity with a supporting role, but quickly made her way to full time status in her current position as Lead Client Coordinator.

That was nearly a decade ago.

Fiercely loyal to Ideal Practices, and committed to our clients success, we’ve watched Jen work hand in hand with every single one of our clients and course attendees.

Always making sure she helps doctors identify every possible misconception they may have about opening their own dental startup, it’s not unusual for us to hear doctors singing Jen’s praises after their free strategy call with her!

Over the years, it’s been a little like watching Jen support her soccer-star daughter, giving everything she has to guide the first steps to make the dream of a bigger future a reality.

“I had no idea I would get this much help from speaking with someone like Jen!”
“More resources for a startup we’re available from Jen than in all of Dental school!”
“I had no idea she could help me so much! I have a new level of clarity about my next steps now”

It’s been wonderful getting testimonials like these about Jen over the years. It means we not only have the exact right person in the exact right role, but that we’ve been able to help doctors, just like you, take steps towards opening their very first startup because of Jen’s ability to give guidance at the first moments in the process.

If you’ve been dreaming or thinking about opening your own startup, and would like to schedule a free strategy call with Jen, reply to this email and let me know. I’m happy to make an introduction and know she’ll do everything in her power to make you the fastest “rising star” in dental startups…

I told you you had something in common with a rising women’s soccer star, didn’t I?

Talk soon,

Jayme Amos
CEO Ideal Practices

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