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How Startups “Catch” Demographics Growth

When you get the right demographics for your startup it’s like
surfing a perfect wave.


No, I’ve never been hip enough or talented enough to catch a big wave but I do know this… 


If you catch the wave just right at the perfect time…the ride is more fun with less work! More new patients. Lower costs. Better growth. 




if you’re too far ahead of a big wave in surfing, it will crash down on your back, creating pain and injuries. 


Alternatively, if you were too far behind the wave, you just sit in the sun and bake.


It’s like that with startups.

Too far ahead of the demographics wave and you get crushed.


Too far behind and you bake, never benefiting.


Several doctors have been told by cheap online demographics reports that a wave is coming soon… 


But if your timing is wrong, the investment in your startup could put you underwater.


One of the doctors I spoke with was about to paddle out as fast and far as she could. She wanted to open as soon as possible! She was told that she needed to be the first in her area, not realizing she’d be positioning herself as shark bait… treading water, waiting for her ideal patient to show up.


The numbers from her town gave false positives, showing an opportunity that wasn’t quite ready to ride.


Doctors who fall for that trap wait…


And wait.


All the while, those startups are paying rent, staff, and frying out in the sun.


Other startups are just a little too far AHEAD of the demographics wave, about to be crushed because they were too early.


It’s heartbreaking when I hear these stories.


And they’re sadly true.


The pain and loss of being in that spot happens to good doctors with good intentions.


They base their decisions on those cheap reports…and cheap online opinions.


The wave of new patients CAN be caught in areas with growth.


Just last month Dr Bryan (one of our clients) opened in the midwest.  Luckily he contacted us before picking his final location.


My team and I were able to perform a full demographic analysis for him – it takes 2-6 weeks.


And we put him on the wave at just the right time.


He opened his startup and by his second day of practice ownership he already had 84 new patients!


(he opened 3 weeks ago)


The right location, the right neighborhood, and the right time to catch the ideal wave… er, I mean patient.


Listen, reports are nothing more than data. If you’re opening a startup – one that will affect the rest of your career – the demographics data needs to be analyzed by someone who has opened hundreds of startups…NOT BY SOMEONE WHO SIMPLY PRINTS HUNDREDS OF REPORTS!


Read that again. Does it make sense?


Hundreds of startups is very different from hundreds of reports.


This is the main reason Ideal Practices has a demographics team dedicated solely to figuring out which practice location is best suited to you… your needs…your ideal patient…your future desires for a startup.


We want to make sure your time and energy is spent with your family, treating ideal patients, and creating the practice of your dreams… not waiting around for patients to show up, or getting beat up by poor timing and high costs.


So what are you waiting for Doc? Your custom demographics analysis is simple to get with guidance from my team. Just hit reply and answer a few questions for my team and we’ll have you yelling cowabunga in no time!




Jayme Amos
CEO Ideal Practices

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