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Dentists New Patients…ZERO cost!

By Jayme Amos.  Get free updates of posts here


We’re often asked about dentists’ new patient strategies and today Jayme shares a simple, no cost tool you can use in your practice right away.


Exponentially Grow Dentists New Patients

Jayme’s shared this concept with doctors all over the country over the past decade and knows how important the topic is. You’ll find a real, practical set of tools that you and your team can start using to grow new patient numbers today.




The Resources You’ll Need:

  1. Health History Form
  2. A Patient
  3. 2 gifts in duplicate


New patients in your dental office are necessary for long term growth. That’s not a secret. What is a secret is the methods that can work day in and day out with little effort and little attention from you as the owner of the practice.


Dentists across the country have been frustrated by new patient tools that



1)      hear Jayme’s clever technique to pay .20 cents and dramatically improve the effectiveness

2)     Click here and find out what Miley Cyrus has to do with all this and how the word “new” can increase dentists new patient flow even more /

3)      listen to the podcast and find out how to use a company like this to your advantage:



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