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The 13 Stages To Opening YOUR Successful Practice

I’m so sick of my employees!!”

So how do startups hire the best teams…without relying on “LUCK”?

I used to think it worked like this:

Step 1…Cross my fingers, hope a good person replies to the job ad…find resumes with experience…hire for personality…
Sound familiar??

I was so wrong.
Ugh.  If I only knew how wrong I was!

Today I had an epiphany about hiring that I need to share with you.

See, I struggled in my first business to get great people. I quickly grew that other company over million dollars in the first year, with 30+ people on the payroll.

But it sapped the life out of me. And it was so hard because I tried to hire a team the typical way, like everyone else does.


==> I now have a team that is ONE THIRD the size that accomplishes FOUR TIMES the results.

And guess what?

MY LIFE is better.
My company is healthier.
And my team is proud.

How great would it feel to have this in your startup practice??

I am giving you four simple strategies (below) so you can have this in your practice startup too.

Today, at Ideal Practices, my team is amazing. They inspire me.  They’re trusted and respected by associate dentists opening startups all over the country.  They’re literally experts.  And they’re unified, making me and my company look good every day.

How You Can Do This Too:


a startup must know it’s pre-defined Vision. This has nothing to do with procedures or your number of chairs. What impact will you make? What reputation will you have? What ways will you give to the people you serve?


like Babe Ruth, what “shot” will you call? Your team must be on the same path to greatness. And that greatness must be called before you step up to the plate. How many championship games are won by accident? None. Plan for YOUR precise version of greatness. Call it.  Great teams will only follow great vision.  If you’re thinking about practice ownership, this is far beyond the kind of “real estate” you choose.  To have a great team, you will need to lead your team on the journey to greatness. It starts with calling your shot, even months prior to your first interview.



Do you want patients chasing your “discounts” or your “values”? Which patients will you enjoy more? If you can see the benefits in that choice, you should know the same is true for attracting amazing team members. Lead with values, not paychecks. Then pay generously to get the A-players.


The myth of experience.

For a startup, too much “experience” will sap all your energy out of you.  How draining would it be if good ole’ Gertrude with 80 years of experience keeps talking about “how it worked in her other practice”??  (hint: this is one of the main reasons why “buying” a practice is such a headache!) You want a startup so you have the control over your practice.  You’re not opening a startup to let the front desk boss you around, right? “Experience” for startups is a myth unless you have all the other pieces in the StartupMBA firmly in place. Get it right or you’ll end up with years of frustration and unmet potential like I did.



When you know what tendencies your new hires have, you can attract only the best-fit candidates. They will fit your vision, values, called shots, experience and the dream team you desire to build.

But if you can’t accurately know Tendencies, I guarantee you’ll spend 3 times more effort…with 4 times fewer results.

I once had a business – and a life – ruled by employees I was sick of.

Now – after building a rock-star team…and teaching dentists how to create the same for their startups, I want this FOR YOU.

Startups can be the best thing in your dental career when you do it right.

So today – I want you to start but using one of my favorite personality “Tendancy” tools.

I used this today – literally – with my entire team.

And I hope this Tendancy Tool takes you to the next level in knowing what YOU WANT in a team for your future in practice ownership.

Here’s to you and your bigger future with a team that inspires you!


Here’s the free tool:

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