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The Dental Real Estate Lease FAIL; The Recap

By Jayme Amos.  Get free updates of posts here

It’s crucial to consider the
high-stakes realities of a
dental real estate lease


The one, all powerful document, called a dental real estate lease, could secure or obliterate your financial security.


If you take this topic lightly, you may end up with nothing at the end of your lease term. In some cases you may even owe money for the privilege of leaving!


The good news, however, is if you’re aware of a few of the worst possibilities, you’ll be better prepared to negotiate your new lease so you stay in control and in power.


I hope that you have enjoyed the Dental Real Estate Lease series and have found tremendous value in the education given.   So far the feedback that we have been getting has been amazing! 


In case you missed any part of the series here’s the recap.  Please take the time to read this important series.  Your future financial success may depend on this!


Part 1

A Dental Real Estate Lease that Robs You of Your Practice Value


Part 2

Scariest Clause of All – Confession of Judgement


Part 3

How to Win


Please give us a call with your thoughts and/or questions.  We are here to help you.  With the right team and the right preparation, you’ll be able to open your new office with total confidence!

By Jayme Amos

Disclaimer: I’m not an attorney and none of this is to be considered legal advice. Consult an attorney in your state to discuss legal matters.




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