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In the Video Series Toolkit of the 7 Essential Elements to Open A New Dental Office, you’ll discover a massive digital vault to help you in your new dental office project. In each of the 7 Elements tools, you’ll hear and learn from industry experts and colleagues who have created stunning, successful practices. Just imagine, having worked in more than half a dozen practices before opening your own. What kind of experience, ideas and resources might you be able to contribute to your new dental office? The 7 Elements Video Toolkit gives you a resource that acts just like that, giving you expert, behind-the-scenes access to a library of examples for your new dental office project. Here are some of the valuable tools you’ll have personal access to:

  • Dental Office Floor Plans. 
  • Dental Office designs used by some of the most productive and profitable practices. 
  • Exclusive Training From Industry Experts.
  • Walk-through Video Dental Office Tours of Multiple Facilities.
  • Full length interviews with colleagues who have recently been through opening their own dental practice. They’ll share their successes and challenges on the experience of creating a new dental office and how it has changed their life, their livelihood and their ability to care best for their patients.
  • Invitations for you to visit particular events and successful projects in person!

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