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New! Dental Practice Demographics Tools – A Report On The 12 That Matter To New Dental Practices

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These are The Newest Proven Dental Practice Demographics Tools

2 of the following 12 Dental Practice Demographics Reporting Tools,
if combined, can make or break success in your new facility.

New Dental Practices will succeed or fail largely because of a ratio of 2 of these.

Can you guess which ones? 

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Don’t build your new dental practice without knowledge of the ratio.

It could be the difference between great growth and painful growth. 

12 Data Points to Define Your Success

The importance of these 12 Demographic Criteria boil ALL the census data down to the key elements that are relevant to dentists and their new dental practices. These 12 criteria are important in relevant in almost every area of the country. 

1)   Population The number of people who reside live in that specific area. This number should be a minimum of 2000 people as you will be attempting to attract people to your dental dental practice demographicspractice within the searched area. Smaller towns are OK but you must have access to at least a population of 2000 within 5 miles.

2)   Population Change 1 year This is the anticipated change in population growth for the year following the date you gather the demographics data. This predictive number is a wonderful tool that should not be overlooked by new dental practices.

3)   Population Change 5 year The five year growth rate is also important, especially for those dentists who plan on leasing their office space.

4)   Population Change 10 year The rationale for analyzing the 10 year population change is very similar to the previous population growth categories but this category has the power to help carry your practice well beyond the first extension on your lease.

5)   Income – Per Capita Per capita Income is a measurement that calculates the total amount of income throughout the town, divided by the total number of people who live in that town.

6)   Income – Household dental practice demographicsHousehold income is exactly what it sounds like. It adds all the income available, on average, for each residential address in the town. The process of analyzing this number is similar to per capital income (comparing to state and national averages) but it also gives you an accurate estimate of the number of people in a family. Important for new dental practices looking to target families!

7)   Income – Disposable Disposable income is important to dentistry because of the shift in patient interests toward more cosmetic care and the looming changes for employers’ offering of dental insurance benefits for employees (I write and speak about this topic and its relevance for dentists often because the topic could change our dental community dramatically, even if the laws don’t directly mention dentistry. On the topic of dental practice demographics, this topic will be even more important for those areas of the country which anticipate being most affected by the Affordable Care Act).

8)   Mass transit The existence of mass transit, bus and rail lines bodes well for most towns and cities.

9)   Average Age in local Population The average age and median age for any location is very important in your Location Decision. I would highly recommend finding a community with an average age between 35 and 50.

10)   Owner Occupied Housing This is the number of or percentage of people in the community who own their own homes. The stability and life-priorities that are typically associated with renters and home owners may not be politically correct but in this case, the stereotypes are important to acknowledge, are relevant and often accurate.

11)   Employment Rate The importance of this metric is rarely disputed unless new dental practices focuse on state-provided dental care, in which case it can be argued that higher unemployment may be a better fit for that practice’s business model.

12)   Number of Dentists This may be the most important of all the criteria. Why? Well, for starters, it’s your dental practice demographicsprofession and it’s good to know how many competitors you’ll have to face when marketing for new patients. Some locations have the right mix of existing practice, others have surprisingly too many and others have too few.

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I hope you got a lot out of this post.

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Well, our method allows you to scour thousands of the dental practice demographics and census data points all in under 10 minutes.

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Good luck in your journey of finding the right location for your new practice!

All the best –

By Jayme



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