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Dental Office Building – Tips for Choosing The Right One

By Jayme Amos.  Get free updates of posts here

Your dental office building will define you.

We shape our buildings; thereafter, they shape us

– Winston Churchill 

It seems as if the good ole’ Prime Minister could have been speaking to the dental community of the 21st century. 

Your patients will gauge you. Your dental office building will speak – what does it say?

It says: Plan well with your new office dental team. Your clinical skills will be correlated. It’s not right or fair but humans correlate façade with capabilities. Your dental office building attracts staff. (Or repels, in some cases)  Remember that your each member of your “Practice Project Team” should have at least 10 successful projects to show you. Otherwise, you will be their learning experience. Your future and your patients deserve better than being a test case and those members may not belong on your team (realtor, your equipment specialist, a dental designer, dental lender and dental specific construction firm). 

It’s imperative to your long-term success that you choose the right location.  

In today’s world weighed down by PPO’s, declining profit and a dramatically more competitive landscape, it’s imperative to your long-term success that you choose the right location; the right dental office building from the outset. Set your practice apart, transform the trajectory of your future, and provide for yourself and your family for years to come. Have your new Practice Project Team show you the dental office building (s) that are most appealing for your dental office vision and you just might find those elements that will “shape you” for the rest of your career.

By Jayme





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