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Dental Construction Contractor Horror Stories Continue (Video)

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Dental Construction Contractor
Horror Stories;
Yet Another Tale…

The past two blogs I have spoken quite extensively about The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of non dental construction contractors, and just yesterday my project management team received another potentially “ugly” telephone call.

In this story the non dental construction contractor was informing us of a feature in dental cabinetry that a doctor did not want. No problem, the doctor wants what he wants … so far so Good. As the phone conversation continued the potentially Bad and the potentially Ugly come in.

The non dental construction contractor then asks us who was actually providing the cabinetry for this particular customer. Dead silence on our end of the phone. After we quickly got over the shock of the question we replied YOU are … Dead silence on the non dental construction contractors end of the phone.

As I have said, it’s not that these contractors are bad contractors for most residential or professional projects. That is probably where their expertise lies.

Our expertise lies only in the dental field. We don’t do contracting work for residential or non dental professional projects. Our job is to help you create your dream practice by listening to your vision and then bringing in our decades of experience and expertise to make sure that vision comes to life on time and on budget.

As I have said before, choose your project management team wisely and do your homework up front. Interview any potential contractor and make sure that you see their dental project portfolio. Make sure the contractor and project management team that you choose has at least 10 finished dental practice specific projects under their belt and be sure to get glowing references from those finished projects.

Listen in as I reveal the details about my most recent “Good, Bad and Ugly” experience with a non dental construction contractor.



By Jayme




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