Every Dentist who plans to
create a new dental practice 
MUST face
a very serious one word question…

The Startup Dentist BookHow???

“Never before has a book focused
on this crucial topic…”

Your defining moment as the owner of a new dental practice is closer than ever, and your opening day is an experience most dentists never forget


Consider These Three Points:

Choosing the Right Practice Location: The Overlooked Ways Demographics, PPOs, Taxes & Retirement Are Linked to This Critical Decision is your antidote to this scenario. Never before has a book focused on this crucial topic, giving the valuable guidance required to make a profitable, lifelong decision for your new dental practice.

Using the author’s tested principles, you’ll learn how to:    • Analyze thousands of demographic data points in less than 5 minutes. • Avoid political and territorial mishaps. • Attain large “pops” of new patient growth over time. • Negotiate with landlords on your terms. • Increase your retirement networthby at least $1,000,000.

It’s imperative to your long-term success that you choose the right location.    In today’s dental world weighed down by PPOs, declining profits, and a dramatically more competitive landscape, it’s imperative to your long-term success that you choose the right location from the outset. Employing the proven tools in this book, you’ll set your practice apart, transform the trajectory of your future, and provide for yourself and your family for years to come.

Whether your plans for office expansion/relocation are near term or long term there is no time like the present to become educated on what will more than likely be one of the biggest decisions of your dental career.  Receive this book and it will become a “dog-eared” resource for you for a very long time.

Thanks and enjoy the book,