Pros and ConsWho We’re NOT a Good Fit For


Anytime a dentist is looking to open an office, there is a serious reality that too many folks don’t accept:

There is no such thing as a “good fit” for everyone.


We know we have strengths and we have weaknesses, things we’re great at and things we won’t go near.


We’d love to try and work with everyone but the truth is that it’s not possible and its sometimes just not the right fit.


Since every dentist has unique needs and expectations, we thought it would be good to lay out a few of the things we’ve learned about our own team. These are some of the observations we’ve made about the situations where we’re not the best fit.


We will NOT be good fit for your new office project if:

1. You’re looking to outsource the entire project.

We absolutely love the input of our clients and since a dental office is a natural extension of the clinician(s) who own and work in the practice, our team wants you involved. Some may want to write a check and have a distant agent ask us to complete the project. This may look good in a wheeler-dealer-wall-street kind of a movie, but in dentistry, there are hundreds of unique, intimate differences in each practice. For that reason, we ask you to be involved in key moments in the process…we’ll do all the hard work for you and we’ll guide you to the best decisions. Our team can be brought in to do most of the management of your project but we’ll need your input and unique preferences to make this office wow you. Frankly, we enjoy as much involvement as you want! But just to be clear, we’re not a right fit if you hope to leave the country this year and come back to a finished office. The creation of your dental home is one that will define you and we hope you’ll play a big part of that process.

2. You’re Hoping to Complete the Project in a Dangerously Short Amount of Time.

Reality check: everyone wants to get a new-office project done quickly, right? But building or renovating an office in a few weeks, a month or even a few months is just not possible (even though I would LOVE to be able to make that happen for you!) The costs of delays on your wallet and your stress levels are pricey – so we don’t dawdle and we manage vendors to make sure delays don’t happen to you. Most projects will take a minimum of 6 months to complete. From the time we help you find the ideal space, through construction and into your grand opening, a realistic timeline seems to surprise those who don’t have time to wait. But the projects that offer our clients the most fulfilling, most profitable and most clinically-enabling facilities are those that are planned thoroughly. We want this done right, the first time so you’ll be thrilled. And that will take a little while. But we’ve done this many, many times and we’ll give you very reasonable timeline expectations.

3. You’re Looking for the Lowest Priced New-Office Practice Project Team

Clearly, there are many out there who lure you in with low prices – and maybe they’re good at that. If you’re shopping on price alone, please know we won’t be a good fit.  We’ve seen many firms out there who claim to have experience “in dental” but doctors find out pretty early on in the process that it’s you they’re learning from.  Need proof of experience? Read through our blog! You’ll also see us as one of the most popular blogs on DentalTown. If you can find someone with experience and training like that, you’re on the right path.  But there is nothing that can ensure you get the office you deserve better than the right team.

4. You Just Want a Quick Design Drawn Up (or any other tiny piece of the whole project).

There are hundreds of moving parts in the project of opening a new office. Each piece of your new office will intertwine and intersect with all the other pieces. If your big dream is to build your office DIY style, we commend you. You can certainly duct tape together a dozen different vendors and cram 10 years of experience into your 1 project. . . but we think that’s like a patient trying to treatment plan their own full mouth reconstruction. Our opinion is that the best dental offices blend dozens of elements by weaving them together with the guidance of someone who has seen lots and lots of these “cases”.  Construction will intersect with lending. Marketing will intersect with construction timelines. Design will intersect with your vision. Demographics will affect your growth. A lease can ruin your retirement plans. Equipment will determine your capacity. Real estate can determine your loan. You can make this an incredible experience and a facility you can be very proud of but if you simply want someone to plug a hole in a project you’re trying to do all by yourself, we’re not the right fit.

5. You’re Committed to Spending the Least Possible Investment on Construction, Marketing, Planning, Space, Equipment and Design. 

One recent client chose a contractor purely because of cost. We advised against this because of some serious concerns we had about that firm’s true experience level. The result was sky-high stress levels among all the vendors through the project, a delayed opening day and a scramble in the end which left the doctor and his new wife to sanitize and clean the entire office without the contractor’s help on a holiday weekend. And the cost of the delays ate up his “savings”.  Opening a dental office requires a sizeable investment – and we’re committed to helping you create a plan to afford it and profit from it. We’ll help you get set up with all the right vendors and all the right tools so your practice can explode with growth in a facility you can be deeply proud of.  This can be done with wise cost savings and proper negotiation – which we will gladly guide you through. But if you’re determined to work only with the cheapest vendors, we won’t be able to stand by the quality of your project and we won’t be a good fit for you.



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