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[part 4 of the 7 part series]

Inside Your Operatory:

Shocking Proof That
Best Ops Make The Best Offices



What Launched This Doctor

From the Basement to the Penthouse?






The Back-Story:

Dr. Larry Schiff began working with us when his practice looked like it had spent the past 15 years sitting in a basement.

Actually, it was in the basement.

The practice was located below grade at the bottom of an old building. Some of the operatories didn’t even have natural sunlight.

Can you imagine spending week after week, waiting for your “moment” when you could propel yourself to the facility you know you deserve?

If you were him you may have thought, “my dentistry is so much better than this place – this isn’t the reflection on my work that I had hoped for.” Maybe you’ve felt that way. Like your environment doesn’t reveal your true level of care or quality of dentistry.

In Dr. Schiff’s case, he came to us, asking about design ideals.

He was getting ready for his “moment”.

His launch to a new level was about to begin.



Soon thereafter, Dr. Schiff transformed his practice into a stunning location and one of the most attractive practices in the county.

After purchasing the building and quite literally “building up”, he created a third floor that hadn’t existed!

Forget the basement. He was now on top of the world, at the highest point in the town, looking across the local economy with a modern practice that put the community in a state of awe.

You need to see if to believe it. Very few doctors practice in facilities as beautiful or clinically enabling than his final work of art.

Today, in his gorgeous and modern new facility, you’ll find patients everyday who are wowed by the transformation that started in the basement and lead to the penthouse.




Check Out The Virtual Tour
Of Dr. Schiff’s Office




How Long Did this Take?

A project like this one isn’t for the faint of heart.

We orchestrated conversations with:

1) Only the most qualified of contractors

2) Elite lenders who knew these kinds of projects

3) Equipment solutions that fit his future vision

4) Marketing concepts that brought him the recognition he deserved


From start to finish, this project took almost 18 months.

The project management of a practice like this is quite an experience. In this case, it was one that simultaneously allowed the practice to continue producing dentistry all the way through.



Element #4: Inside your Operatory

This 4th principle in our series of the 7 Essential Elements for New Dental Offices is one that will have your new facility rise up as a creation that will have patients, staff and your community inspired.

They’ll be inspired by your standards, your vision, your creativity and your new image.

The truth is, just like Dr. Schiff – in just weeks after finding a possible location, your vision will start to take shape as we work with you to create custom layout and design plans on paper and in 3D renderings.



EXPOSED: The FloorPlan

Take a Detailed Look
At Dr. Schiff’s Floor Plan…


Schiff - Dental Office Design Floor Plan


How An Operatory Will Collide with your Vision

Take the example from Dr. Schiff’s video.

He had his vision clearly defined.

For him, he wanted to move into a facility that reflected his level of care while delivering a multi-specialty practice.

This would require the right operatories.

This is a topic bigger than just a simple “number” of operatories.

As you heard in the video, Dr. Schiff’s facility has 11 operatories.

And each one has its unique role.

Each of the opertories would need to fulfill a piece of the vision. For this practice, there are 2 operatories that are dedicated to pediatric care. 1 is devoted to periodontics and prosthedontics. 4 are the domain of hygiene. 1 is a multi-discipline operatory and 3 are dedicated to general restorative care.

If his vision was to be fulfilled, the proper design of each operatory would need to be carried out perfectly.


Will YOUR Operatory Affect Your Fulfillment?

Every practice must take this topic of operatory design seriously.

This is even more important in general dentistry practices with 4-8 operatories.


Doctors who have practices with 5 operatories, for example, have so much success riding on each operatory.

If you only have 5 operatories, you better get this right – there is little room for error and everything must work together seamlessly.

“In the average 5-Op practice

each operatory represents 20% of the practice!”

There is very little margin for error – you must get this right!


By working with the right Practice Project Team, you WILL get this right.

And when you do, you’ll have a taste of the life-changing facility both you and your patients will enjoy everyday of your career. Our team has decades of dental design experience which means you get a well crafted design, lead by your vision – because you deserve the best.  

By partnering with our team you will discover the truths:

Who knows…

maybe your new practice will be in the penthouse too! 



Looking for Equipment Concepts?

Experience a Few of
The Most Potent Patient-Experience

Equipment Elements for Your New Office



The Takeaway:

Your vision takes precedence.

And the proper design of your operatories are the key to creating a practice that will match your vision.

Your vision should be the guiding, leading force at each step of the way.

Your vision needs to be clearly defined and ruthlessly pursued. And for many doctors, having the right Practice Project Team is the most effective way to do this.

For Dr. Schiff, as you watched in his video, he had a specific vision.

His vision needed to use the truths of the best operatories with his vision having a multi-specialty facility.


In most every case, doctors are limited with their:


b) EXPERIENCE (in opening new offices)

My hope is that we can help you stay on track with your time. We allow you to keep earning a living chairside (for some that might even be in a basement). And when you’re not chairside you should be with your family. You’ll still be thoroughly involved and deeply intertwined in the process of opening your practice.

But the TIME we make sure you KEEP is invaluable.

And the EXPERIENCE of dozens of new dental offices is invaluable.

If you can tap into the knowledge and skill offered to you by a team like mine, we’ll help you avoid hundreds of thousands of dollars of costs. And we’ll help you get what you want from all the vendors – the first time through.



Prepare for Element #5

 [part 5 of the 7 part series]

In Element #5, you’re going to discover the little-discussed secrets about long term comfort.

If your new facility fails to incorporate the proper ergonomic elements, your career will be cut short.

Your hopes of creating a lifestyle and legacy for your family that you can be proud of will crumble.

But if you get this right, you’ll work happier and healthier.


Watch for my next email!


It will bring you a topic that could determine your long term professional health.





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