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[part 3 of the 7 part series]

Dental Office Design

Experience Ownership Bliss
…If you Get this Right



If you have ever heard:
“In my next practice, I’m going to…”
you need to hear Dr. Duncan’s story.




The Back-Story:

Have you ever heard a colleague say the phrase, “In my next practice, I’m going to…?”

Dr. Jennifer Duncan, who now has her own gorgeous and thriving practice which is custom designed to fit her distinct style in a way that supports her clinical philosophies, can relate to that phrase.

But she wasn’t born owning a practice that met her expectations.

Like many doctors, she left dental school and then took an associate position. Life as an associate gave her great experience but left her wanting more. She wanted more for patients. More for her standards. More for her future.

She knew more was coming soon.

She knew more could be accomplished in her next practice.

In her new practice, she would be set up for rapid growth. She would earn a great income. She would be freed from the antiquated inefficiencies from her previous employer’s office. She would discover new levels of patient experience, creating a real WOW from every new patient. She would tap into subtle subconscious cues of patients and staff to make an unforgettable experience.

She would do this all by having the right office design.

But here is the problem: Ownership does not equal happiness.

Our team has written extensively about the fulfillment that can come from owning your own practice. And make no mistake; practice owners have higher potential for earnings, creating your own lifestyle, and delivering your standard of care.

And one of the fastest, most painful ways to ruin the benefits you want in a new practice is to get the design wrong.

“If you get the design wrong,

your entire career can be sabotaged.”

Office design is much more important than thinking the colors look nice.


Get These 5 Dental Office Design Principles Right and You’ll Increase Your Fulfillment Dramatically:

1. Correct Number of Operatories: meet your financial and patient care goals with the right number

2. Operatory Size: (affecting doctor comfort, staff happiness, production levels and patient experience)

3. Staff Traffic Patterns: avoid stunting practice growth, keep production high

4. Patient Traffic Patterns: taboos at the front desk, best bathroom locations

5. Proper Zoning: create a seamless experience by appealing to subconscious cues


You may know dentists who have the same feelings of wanting more in their new practice. Maybe you, too, have the same burning inner desire.

The great news is that there is a tested, proven way to do this well.

And do it right.

Element #3 is all about getting the design right and tying it all to the ideal Patient Experience.

Click below to see the design of an office who got it right – and who is now reaping massive rewards.



Check Out The Virtual Tour
of Dr. Duncan’s Office





In My Next Practice, I’m Going to…

It’s a phrase that’s usually used when a Doctor starts to imagine the energy and fulfillment they would get from their ideal practice, knowing they’re able to deliver on the standard of care that is the best for patients.

That’s not the only time the phrase is used, however. 

It’s a hard thing to watch happen to a Doctor who is capable of much more, especially since an ideal facility is closer to their reach than they probably realize.

But it’s not going to happen to you – not ever – not now that you have this video series on the 7 “New Practice” Planning Principles…


Now it’s time for us to dig deep into the Part 2 of the 7 Elements in our Video Toolkit . This part of our series opens up the issue of the “Patient Experience” and how to plan specific pieces of your new office with the Patient Experience at the forefront of your mind.


== POP QUIZ ==

Click Below on the “Initial” Floor Plan.

Can you find 4 reasons why we rejected this initial plan?

Did you watch the virtual tour in the video above?

You’ll notice 4 BIG changes from the initial design proposal that you see here.

Duncan - Dental Office Design Floor Plan

4 Design Changes:

These will make a huge impact on the future success and fulfillment for Dr. Duncan:

1) Patient bathroom positioning (patient foot traffic)

2) Positioning of the consult room

3) Design and flow of the sterilization center

4) Staff lounge (non-existent in the initial design – which would attract better staff?!)


We rejected the initial design.

We did this because it didn’t fit the doctor’s vision, target or goals.


But the final plan got it right.

The final plan (that you watched in the video tour) is the one that will create a tremendous patient experience, a path toward meeting the doctors hopes for the future and attract the best staff in the region.


Consider the pain of letting those 4 design failures go.

What levels of unreached potential might be forever untapped?


With the right team carrying out your ideal vision, you’ll create a practice that is a masterpiece.

Get the Design Right and You Can Create an Amazing Future.



Watch The Extended Version of the

Interview with Dr. Duncan Below

The Journey Toward
Dr. Duncan’s  Ideal Facility …
Maybe This Can Be Your Journey Too.





Discover 4 Crucial Components
Proper Office Floorplan and Design




Prepare for Element #4

 [part 4 of the 7 part series]

In Element #4, we’ll explore deeper into the importance of operatory design, sizing and functionality.

We’ll hear from a doctor who spent decades practicing in the basement of a building…and in one year bought the building, built a 3rd floor, added an elevator and now has a penthouse view of the town from his award winning new practice.

Part 4 is one you need to see!


Thank you for trusting me and my team on this journey with you.

We’ll bring you more practice-defining information in just a couple of days!