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Who Else Will Discover the Massive Benefits Of a True Dental Contractor?


The Introduction to

Dr. McDowell’s Discovery


Who Else Will Believe in Dental Contractors?

Dr. Ashley McDowell started working with us before she believed contractors could be predictable.

Lets face it.

So many contractors have left us with little choice but to expect time delays, budget over runs and a list of little things that never seem to get completed.

Have you ever had an experience like that?

While its not uncommon to hear stories of contractors doing this, there ARE some who will get the job done right.

On my team we have a saying and it goes like this:

“On Time, On Budget, On Quality.”

Contractors who can’t live up to that have no place in your practice and no business being in your business.

Dr. McDowell found herself asking a few skeptical questions when we got to the “Contractor Selection” stage of her project.

#1 Could all contractors be created equal?

I don’t believe so. This is why you need a proven method to predictably choose the right one.

#2 Wouldn’t the smart business owner go with the lowest bid?

I beg you not to.

In dental construction, the lowest bid will almost always cost you the most.

By going with the cheapest bid, you’ll likely end up with a contractor who represents knowledge in the construction of dental offices.

But too often we find doctors left in a lurch.

One recent example was a doctor who tried to be the “nice” local business owner and select a local contractor for his project. As shocking and horrible as it may sound, he was left with over $400,000 of overages. Yes, $400,000.

Please don’t use the “lowest bid” method to choose your contractor – or you may have your own lurch to deal with.

#3 How can I know if the contractor is doing the job right?

You can’t.

Perhaps if you were the owner of a large dental construction company prior to becoming a dentist…then you could probably know if the contractor is doing well. But I have yet to find a dentist who has that resume.

The solution for many dentists is a plan called: Hope.

Hope may be good for political campaigns and bumper stickers but it has no place in your practice, your legacy or the way you care for patients or the way you provide for your family.

No hope allowed.

In order to vet and determine which contractor is right, you may need to bring in a team who has built a few dozen dental offices.

If you do that, you can tap into their knowledge and have them keep the contractor in check.

Don’t hope. Plan.

Plan on having an unbiased advocate who can get you the predictable results you deserve.


Dr. McDowell Was Pretty Skeptical

…but within a few months she was introduced to the best in the industry and she was a contractor believer!

The process required that the typical advice offered to many small business owners be put aside. For dental offices, there are a rigorous set of standards that must be upheld for you to get what you deserve in your new practice.

Now, Dr. McDowell practices in the facility she imagined for years.

Because it involved a massive renovation and a tight timeline, the typical “show up late”, “over charge”, “delay, delay, delay” contractor just wouldn’t cut it on this job site.

How many times have you heard it said that contractors are unpredictable?

That may be true but its not that way for the best dental contractors.

The 2nd video in our 7 part series about the most overlooked “new practice” planning principles is the one that can make your project the best experience but if overlooked, perhaps the worst experience.

The reality is, just like Dr. McDowell found, if you ask 3 specific questions UP FRONT, you can have an experience with one of the biggest investments of your life that becomes one of the best experiences of your career.

The best, most enjoyable new office projects are wrapped up with a big warm security blanket called: The Right Dental Contractor Make sure you have the right one with the right experience and this will be an incredibly fulfilling journey for you.

By learning the 3 questions to ask and applying all the principles that we have been talking about, our clients can focus on doing dentistry well and you get the practice of your dreams.

 Maybe Now You’ll Become A Contractor Believer Too!


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McDowell - Dental Office Design Floor Plan


And Now You Can Discover the Amazing Process

In the Words of Dr. McDowell…

And Maybe We Can Make You A Contractor Believer Too.


Learn More Below In Your Training Video About Dental Contractors… And Some of the Disasters we’ve Seen Along the Way.



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