Dr. Neville Isn’t Dreaming….
This is Real.


If you had seen Dr. Neville a short time ago, just before she completed the practice she’d been imagining for nearly a decade, you would have thought she was satisfied. Satisfied with her profession and satisfied working in the facility where she was an associate.





Now, Dr. Neville has experienced the “pinch-me-to-prove-its-real” kind of transformation we’ve watched happen in dozens of doctors. It’s the greatest feeling when you move forward from a facility where you can practice well to a facility where you can do the great dentistry you know you’re passionate about. It’s like a dream when you step foot into the practice you created from nothing and you get to introduce patients to the elements of your facility that make you proud in a way words don’t describe.


The reality of starting and owning your ideal practice is closer than most of your colleagues believe. But you know you’re closer than you’ve ever been and you’ve been preparing for this. Just like Dr. Neville, now is your time and you’ve taken the first steps.


By incorporating the 7 Overlooked “New Office” Planning Principles, you will take further action. You’ll be leveraging the experience of colleagues and professionals and building them into your plans. You’ll put the skills and education into practice; your practice.


Your dream as a reality.


Check Out The Virtual Tour
Of Dr. Neville’s New Office


Take A Glimpse of
Dr. Neville’s Floor Plan Here… 




Neville - Dental Office Design Floor Plan


The Entire Interview with Dr. Neville is Below. Here, you’ll Discover How It All Became Possible
for Dr. Neville….


It Can Become Possible For You Too.