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“We help dentists open their new office on time, on budget and on quality.”

“With the right process, your entire career will be transformed. You’ll have full control over your future in dentistry, create a profitable practice and and enjoy private practice ownership.”

~ Jayme Amos 

After seeing too many dentists frustrated and spending more than necessary, Jayme decided it was time to pull back the curtain on the complex topic of opening a new dental practice. For nearly a decade, his speaking engagements, articles, books, videos and live events have impacted thousands of practice owners. Below, you’ll find some of the most sought after tools he offers.

The #1 Free Online Resource to Open Your New Dental Office

Thousands across the world have benefited from the free resources found at  Join the rest of the dental community as we encourage and empower dentists to open new offices with new levels of confidence. Our team created the website as a resource for dentists to learn the complexities and secrets in hundreds of topics related to opening a dental office.

The #1 Bestseller: Choosing the Right Practice Location

Amazon readers voted with their purchases. Jayme’s #1 category bestseller has shared practical tools for dentists who want to open their own practice across the country. Reviews can be read on

Grand Opening: 13 Stages of Opening a New Practice

Discover Jayme’s proven, researched and tested report, Grand Opening: The 13 Stages of Opening a New Practice. The report discloses information that, until now, has been scattered across dozens of resources. Now dentists can gain a major advance in their knowledge and strategy as they explore the process of opening a new dental office.

Customized Guidance: 1-on-1 and Group Settings

Jayme and his team have worked with hundreds of dentists, guiding them through some of the most impressive projects in dentistry. For doctors who prefer private discussions, Jayme offers fully customized solutions to create the confidence and clarity needed in a new-office project.  Hundreds of others have heard Jayme speak in Universities, Residencies and other educational facilities.