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Don’t Choose a One Man Band to Help Launch Your Startup Dental Practice

If you’re anything like the hundreds of dentists we’ve helped here at Ideal Practices, you’ve likely been dreaming of opening your own practice from the moment you sent in your application to dental school…

Understanding those dreams, the kind that live deep in your soul, isn’t something just anyone can do. And having a dream isn’t enough. You went to school to become a dentist, and you are a well trained dentist. But where did you learn to be a successful dental practice owner? That’s where we come in. When you choose Ideal Practices to help you start your own practice you get a team of experts to walk you through all the stages and to prepare you to run a practice.  Actually, we believe it takes a team of people with passion that rivals yours to help bring that dream to life, which is why we are thrilled to introduce our newest members of our Startup MBA team, Jodi Martin and Deana Zost.

Jodi and Deana join  Liz as Startup MBA Advisors. Jodi loves seeing dentists’ dreams come true and seeing them start their dream the right way from the beginning. Jodi advises dentists to pay close attention to the business side of dentistry while working as an associate. Note what you like and what you don’t like so we can make sure those things happen or don’t happen when you are a business owner. We are excited to announce Stacey Peters is taking on the role of Director of Startup MBA. 

The Startup MBA Program can best be described as dentistry’s “Business” of systems, protocol and policies. The top priorities for business ownership, specific to startups, before and after the opening day. The Startup MBA team helps dentists manage and do each role in the practice, so that they are able to hold their team accountable and to always know what is going on in their business. Understanding and working as the manager of your practice is vital to your startup for at least one year prior to hiring a practice manager.  

The Startup MBA Program will teach you:

  • Effective scheduling
  • Office protocols and SOPs
  • Communication – telephone scripts for new patients, telephone systems, etc
  • Dental coding and insurance
  • Payment options -managing payments for insured and uninsured patients, financing
  • Office ambience, sounds, smells, visuals
  • Meetings – daily morning meetings, team meetings, etc
  • Employee management – benefits, vacation, time sheets, workers compensation, etc
  • Creating the mission and vision for your practice
  • Dress rehearsal – preparing for the grand opening and a successful practice launch

Our Ideal Practices team really is the dream team you want by your side when opening your dental start up. We’ve sought out and recruited the best of the best. We have the highest level strategy, an insider at the biggest dental banks in the nation, a fierce negotiator when it comes to equipment and build out, and the Picasso of dental floor plans.

The amount of knowledge and experience our team has collectively is staggering, and we want nothing more than to put it to work for you, in order to help make your dream of practice ownership a reality.

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