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Why You Need a Team To Start a Dental Practice

If you’ve read our blog on the 13 steps to a successful dental startup, you understand the timeline that we use to excel our client’s dental startup journey.

What you may not understand is how exactly the Ideal Practices team will help you along every step of the way to ensure your path to a grand opening is a successful one! So allow me to explain…

First, I want to shout out the Ideal Practices team. They work day in and day out not only to help execute my vision of a passion-fueled company, but to help execute the visions of all our clients! I like to call the IP team the dream team for opening a dental startup. I know this, because I know how hard we searched to find the best of the best.

Let’s get into how each member of the team will help you reach your goal of owning your own successful dental practice!

Our Role in The Planning Stages

In the planning stages of your dental startup journey, we’re going to help you cover your vision, financing, demographics and site selection.

The planning stages of your journey are perhaps the most important because they lay the foundation for all the decisions that are to come. 

First, you need to start with your vision, because that’s what you’ll base everything else on! This is where Stephen and I thrive! We love helping clients explore and expand on their dream practice, encouraging them to think big picture, all the way down to the tiny details. When it comes to your vision, we’ll help you determine how you want the atmosphere to feel, how your patients should feel when they walk in, what type of company culture you’ll have, the design, the equipment, your “why” – and so much more.

Next, you’re going to need help with financing. There’s so much that goes into financing for a dental startup, starting with securing funding and loans.

Mike has helped thousands of dentists secure financing for their startup. He’s been on the inside, so he knows exactly what you need to do to make sure financing your startup is the least of your startup worries!

With the help of Mike, you can also sleep sound at night knowing you’re not making any finance mistakes that could cost you big time.

Our Role in The Pre Construction Phases

After you’re finished with the planning phases, you’re onto pre-construction.

Determining your design and floor plan can be fun, but it also requires tons of important decision making. If you’re doing it all alone and constantly questioning if you’re making the right call, designing can turn from a step that’s fun and creative to a stressful challenge.

That’s why we’ve brought in the help of John! (Or as I like to call him, the Picasso of dental floor plans)

John specializes in helping you design your floor plan over the course of 1-2 months. He will help you put your dream design down on paper, while also talking with you to make sure you’re staying within your budget. 

Speaking of money, Carol and Melanie are here to help you with your dental insurance credentialing. This step is extremely important, but it can also be complicated and confusing. No worries, we’ll make sure you have all the insurance and permits you need for your practice!

The next step we’ll be there to guide you through is equipment selection and construction bidding. 

Steve is your guy when it comes to equipment and construction! He will personally run a cost analysis to determine what equipment you do and don’t need, and help you select the best equipment for your specific needs. Construction bidding is another tricky process that Steve will take care of! (Plus, he’s a fierce negotiator on pricing)

Steve will also be there when it comes time to start construction and actually installing the equipment, which takes us to the implementation stages!

Our Role in The Implementation Stages

Here’s where your marketing and hiring will begin, construction starts and equipment is installed. 

Rather than having to find different people to select the equipment and handle the process of installing the equipment, Steve guides you through the entire process of getting the right equipment in your dental office.

Same goes for the construction process! Your journey will be so much smoother when you have the same person through every step of the process, rather than depending on several people who may not all have the same vision in mind.

Our team members Stacey and Jodi will also help you with the hiring process, which will take the pressure off your shoulders to have a full staff by the time of opening.

Our Role in The Completion Stages (Woohoo!)

You made it to the completion stages! This is where we’ll help you with the dress rehearsal and your grand opening.

The dress rehearsal is many of our clients’ favorite part of the entire 13 stages. This is where you’ll get to see your vision come to life for the very first time! Stacey and Jodi will be there to help make sure the dress rehearsal goes smoothly, ensuring that you feel equipped and ready for your grand opening.

And there you have it – a summary of how the Ideal Practices team will assist you in your journey to a grand opening. But that’s just scratching the surface! We’re here to help you in any way you need, constantly giving advice, serving as mentors, and showing dedication to your vision.

Ready to get the support you need in your dental practice startup journey? Come join the team at Ideal Practices!


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