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Surround Yourself With Experts When Opening A Dental Startup

This month Stephen Trutter, President of Ideal Practices, sat down with Marv Nelson, President of A-dec Corporation. In this interview you will learn from two dental industry experts about what it takes to move from associate dentist to successful startup practice owner. 

Founded in 1964, A-dec is a dental office furniture and equipment manufacturer based in Newberg, Oregon, United States. It is considered one of the largest dental equipment makers in the world.

In this video interview you will hear:

  • About the A-dec culture and culture is important to a startup dentist
  • What’s new at A-dec
  • A-dec’s expansion
  • About ergonomics
  • Why you need a team of professionals to help you launch your startup
  • Why a startup is different than an acquisition
  • Why a plan and support system is so important for a startup dentist

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