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The BEST part of Dental Startup Success with Dr. Gina Dorfman

“How to start a new dental practice?”… not exactly an easy question to answer, right? The truth is that making the leap from associate dentist to startup owner is a scary prospect, and many associate dentists focus on the wrong things when embarking on this adventure.

Join Jayme as he sits down with Dr. Gina Dorfman of Behind the Smiles Podcast to learn what building your ideal startup entails and the steps that you can take. They discuss actionable advice both for those looking to startup and established practice owners. Jayme discovers some of the challenges that Gina faced in her startup, and why she succeeded where others did not.

Tune in to find out why asking “What” is more important than asking “How” when refining your vision, and the three irreversible decisions that can derail your startup before you’ve even begun. Hear some wonderful anecdotes of how startups change lives, and examples of people that have made an impact on Jayme after joining his network. Jayme talks through the major problems with the advice given on online forums (“If you build it, they will come”), and how adding a personal touch to your startup can make all the difference to your patient database.

Press “Play” to find out what the three P’s of planning stand for, as well as where you can find some great resources to launch your startup, and so much more!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • What Ideal Practices does and why it’s so great for associate dentists!
  • Gina’s experience of startups: where she got her inspiration and information.
  • Why “What” is more important than “How” when coming up with the vision for your startup.
  • Jayme’s experience of how startups can change lives.
  • Gina’s advice on creating vision in a startup, and how envisioning her goals helped her achieve her goals.
  • Why dental startups are so hard to begin, financially.
  • Three examples of irreversible mistakes that will affect your startup: demographics, lease, and banking.
  • Anecdotes from Jayme of startups that have succeeded, and the advice that he’s seen others give that hasn’t worked.
  • The unhelpful advice that associate dentists will be given: “If you build it, they will come”.
  • How and why to plan for your practice using the three P’s: Practice, Profit, and Purpose.


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