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The Pros of Starting a Dental Practice

In our recent blog The 3 Things Dentists Fear Most About Opening a Startup, we went over a perceived con of starting your own dental practice: fear. (Plus, how to get over that fear!)

In this blog, I’d like to share with you some of the biggest pros of starting your own practice.

When you own your own dental practice, you’re given the opportunity to make your own decisions. You call the shots! You’ll get to:

Make your own schedule

You’re in charge, and you can set it! Don’t get me wrong, you’ll still have to work hard, but you’re in control of your schedule and have more flexibility as a practice owner.

Making your own schedule is empowering, because you get to decide what time you spend working. This means if family is important to you, you can design your schedule so that it prioritizes family time! 

Our dentists report that by having the ability to design their own schedules, they feel happier and as if they have more freedom than when they worked for someone else.

Control your own finances

Many dentists open a practice because they want to have financial freedom. Opening up a practice is expensive, but you get to decide how to spend that money. You can put more money into what’s important to you, and less into what’s not! (P.S… we can help you with that vision)

You get to invest into your business, and more importantly, into yourself. Plus, there’s more room to grow financially as a startup owner than you’ll ever have as an associate.

But 2 of our successful dentists said their #1 PRO AND FAVORITE PART of owning a dental startup is…

Getting to create their vision!

When you become a startup owner, you get to design your own dream practice from scratch. 

You have the ability to control every aspect of your practice: environment, team, work culture, building layout, colors, vibe, functionality – everything!

Dr. Bryan described his favorite part of opening a practice as “All of the little details within the practice from what it looked like aesthetically, but also the experience, as well as the design. That stuff was just so fun… that was by far my favorite part.” 

Dr. Ben had a similar experience…

“The construction for me was the fun part. Every Friday I would go and take videos and photos of the practice being built. 

For me it was 4 years of creating this vision of what this space was going to embody. (I was) able to go through and see every single week – my space becoming what my vision and my plan and my dream has been this whole time.”

To watch Dr. Ben and Dr. Bryan talk more about their #1 pro of starting a dental practice, check out the video below!

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