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The GIVE Secret: Background Research For Startups

About This Episode:

In this episode, Jayme will share the backstory of the GIVE secret and his own personal backstory to give us a deeper insight into what GIVE is really all about and the power it wields in ensuring a higher level of success in dental practice ownership. A lot of dentists have attempted the GIVE secret but they’ve not had any results, while others are willing to do it but they feel like it’s a costly endeavor. Jayme’s backstory will serve a great resolution to that. It all started when he and his cousin started a company (unrelated to dentistry) that went to grow very quickly and was doing a million dollars within the first year.

One day as Jayme and his cousin were looking into real estate opportunities, he found out that his brother had passed away in a road accident. In the difficult moments of coping with his brother’s passing, he sold his share of the business to his cousin because he didn’t feel like it fulfilled him in any way. He enjoyed the fact that the business was making him money but he just wanted to do something that made more of a difference in the world. 

While trying to figure out what that business would be, he started doing real estate with the proceeds of the business sale and it’s in the process of engaging in that business that he was introduced to a dentist who needed help finding a suitable piece of real estate for his practice. That’s where he learned a lot about dental practice-oriented real estate and it was actually the inception of Ideal Practices. But it wasn’t until he figured out the positive impact he could make with Ideal Practices that he actually started it. Stay tuned to learn more about the GIVE process and why it would be such a powerful force in ensuring your dental practice’s long term growth and sustainability. 

Key Points Discussed:

  • How Jayme came up with the GIVE process (05:14)
  • Why he wanted to start a business that also served a great cause (06:39)
  • Helping startups and doing it in a way that matters and changes people’s lives (11:46)
  • Is the GIVE process necessary for a startup practice to thrive? (13:23)


“If we’re not aiming for something, we’re literally aiming for nothing”

“I wanted to make sure that if I was ever going to start another business, I would find a way to have it sort of a great cause”

“I’m telling you what I believe you should do because I’ve been there”

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