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Masterclass Curriculum and Introduction

About This Episode:

In this episode, Jayme Amos will dive into what The Startup Dentist podcast is all about. He will introduce it as the masterclass made just for doctors considering startup practices and share some of the questions the podcast will answer for aspiring dental practice owners. A lot of doctors dream of owning their own practices but they never take any steps towards that because they feel that startups are too risky, or hear stories of doctors who failed in their startups and were even left in financial ruin. Others will actually make the move and start a practice, but they never get to enjoy what they’ve created because they set it up the wrong way.

Jayme Amos will talk about how he will share case studies and trainings, and introduce top experts in the country who have helped open practices with hundreds of patients in order to demonstrate just how worth it startups are. He will also discuss the three Ps, namely practice, profit and purpose, which will minimize everything about setting up a great practice down to one simple topic. 

Just to share a very brief overview of the three, practice refers to the actual building where a practice can be located and the 13 specific steps that need to be followed in order for a potential dental practice owner to build a great business plan. They include the financing, strategies, demographics, floor plans, the real estate, construction, and all the required pieces to build a practice. Profits refer to being profitable by delivering real care while purpose is all about having a practice that stands for something. If you’re an aspiring dental practice owner, this podcast is just right for you, and Jayme promises that you’re going to have an incredible journey through the master classes ahead that will for sure help you go from idea to opening day with a startup that matters. Stay tuned for more and enjoy.

Key Points Discussed:

  • 84% of students and associates desire to own a practice (01:01)
  • The average established practice in America sees 20 to 30 new patients per month (04:08)
  • Structuring a practice of values, not just discounts (09:15)
  • Having a practice that your team members commit to, not just for a paycheck, but for a purpose (11:07)
  • Having the standards that deliver incredible care based experience (12:59)


“My desire is to share this knowledge with more doctors so we can help protect the future of private practice ownership’

“The reality is with a startup you have the opportunity to create a culture”

“Incredible clinical standards are imperative so that you can serve your communities in dentistry”

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