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Why you should never “open” a startup practice…

Last month I stepped off the stage after speaking at a big conference.
One of the attendees ran up to me and old me his story of being “open” in his startup practice for 5 months.


What he said next was heartbreaking.  

He said he risked everything for this startup practice.


But after 5 months of being “open” he was stuck… he was still producing less than $20k per month.

He wasn’t even able to pay his bills.


His stress and anxiety sounded so real I could feel it.

Though he was technically a “practice owner” … his financial problems were about to get a lot worse.


The fear he described was painful to hear.


I paid attention to each detail, and I needed to share the solution.


So I ignored all the noise in the room.

And I focused.


The next few minutes could change everything.


His problem:

Before opening his startup practice he spent hours reading people’s opinions about startups online.

He found all the typical-advice you hear about on Facebook groups and forums. Initially, he thought it made sense to get advice from colleagues. But he found out the hard way that he was taking advice from people who only opened one startup practice.


What worked for that 1 doctor wasn’t right for his practice.

And the results were pushing him to bankruptcy.


Those groups meant well.

But gambling your future on “facebook opinions” is NOT how successful startups work.


Their “advice” was literally killing his practice.

And they were killing his hopes for his future.




The doctor at the table was finding out the hard way that he was stuck in the first level of a startup practice.


There are 3 Levels of Possibilities in a startup practice.  


The First Level is being “open”.  This is where so many colleagues focus their attention and it’s a trap.






The hard truth is that anybody can “open” a startup practice.

It’s simple.


STEP 1, sign a lease.
STEP 2, put chairs in.
STEP 3, you’re done. 

Presto! (insert dripping sarcasm)



If you get stuck on the First Level of being “open” you will be like those colleagues who spend years, never reaching their potential. They have financial struggles. They regret the advice they followed.

Those Doctors have to fight just to undo the irreversible mistakes.


That is the path of the doctor with the heartbreaking story.


All those “facebook opinions” were killing him with FALSEHOODS like…

–   Just do facebook-live videos to grow (not true)
–   All you need is “good demographics” (wrong)
–   “Stand out” from other practices (not needed)
–   buildings with a big signs are better (big mistake!)

NONE of those things are true for a startup practice.


See, what worked for 1 colleague…

with the experience of just 1 startup…

will never be right FOR YOU.



Because what worked for that colleague – who opened just 1 practice, 1 time, in another town, in a different year, to attract a different Ideal Patient, for a different practice philosophy – was for THAT colleague’s practice. Not yours.



If your mother needed full mouth reconstruction, would you send her to a doctor who completed “just 1” case?


Of course not!


It’s like that with startups.


The well-meaning advice from someone who did “just 1” startup practice could be the worst advice for YOUR future.


That’s the kind of advice that trapped this heartbreaking doctor at the First Level; being open.


And he was suffering.





If you focus on Level 2 and Level 3, your production can rise faster than any average startup practice.


You will be happy, seeing a stream of Ideal Patients. You will have total CONTROL over your growth. Control to have the best team.

Control over your future.



I will happily show you case-study after case-study of doctors who follow the proven process and stayed in complete control.


Those doctors didn’t focus on getting “open”.


Instead, they focused on the proven process.


Here are the results:


DR DAVID – In a large mid-west city Dr. David produced $93k in his 5th month
DR GERRY – On the east coast, Dr. Gerry had 300 patients in 6 weeks
DR DANNY – Produced over a million in his first 9 months
DR NADYA – she experienced the “Night & Day Difference” in the QUALITY OF LIFE you create for yourself by becoming a respected member of the community


Dr. Nadya also had profits in her very first months.

> How good does THAT sound?! <


THIS IS WHAT WE CALL…. Quality of life AND profitability.


Isn’t THAT what you want?


THESE DOCTORS (and hundreds like them) went from NO BUSINESS EXPERIENCE to successful practice owners in a very short amount of time.


But they AVOIDED the typical advice from people who have just 1 or 2 practices of experience.


They learned that Level 2 and Level 3 for startups is where you need to focus your complete attention.

Profitability and fulfillment are SO much better than just being “open”.





Here is what I want YOU to do:

Watch how doctors like Dr. Nadya followed the proven process and experienced the transformation of their QUALITY OF LIFE.


You’ll see the difference right away.


When you watch, you will learn about Level 2 and Level 3.

By following the proven process, you will avoid the mistakes, the pain and the regret.


My hope for you is that you experience the FULL STORY of practice ownership.

Quality of life.
Pride of ownership.


A predictable process.


Not just getting “open”.

Focus instead on the other 2 levels in startups. You will allow the process to lead you safely, keeping you in total control. Then you can have the success, the happiness and the pride that belongs in practice ownership.  


Or, as Dr. Nadya puts it…

the QUALITY OF LIFE you deserve.




Startup Pracitce

To your success and fulfillment in private practice! 

Startup practice




When you watch, you will hear why Dr. Nadya says…“I am stronger, I am more confident” … and, “I’m a much happier dentist now”


Even better than all that, you will hear why she says…

“my LIFE has been changed”


You can design YOUR life with YOUR startup too.


Watch Dr. Nadya’s story Here  

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