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Legal Rules for ASSOCIATE CONTRACTS – Dentistry’s 4 Experts’ Strategies

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Legal Rules for Dental Associates

What legal “stuff” do Associates need to know?

What do OWNERS need to know about legal protections with Associates?

Today you’ll find out from the 4 of the best minds in dentistry.
This is the expert roundtable discussion that will blow your mind!

On this episode, you’re going to learn powerful concepts that you must use
in Associates relationships.

You’ll learn from…
1. the top Dental Attorney, Rob Montgomery
2. Dr. Paul Goodman, Residency faculty member & multi-practice owner
3. Dr. Richard Low, military residency and host of the Shared Practices
4. me.

– which is better…1099 or W2?
– what is the biggest failure point in Associate contracts
– The Olympic Ring Theory and what it means for your future
– concepts for CORPORATE and PRIVATE practices
– OWNERS and ASSOCIATES priorities in contracts
– When to say “I Quit”

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