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3 Ways Dentists get FREE PUBLICITY

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Free Publicity

Learn how any dentist can get free publicity…in your local town or with national exposure on today’s Ideal Practices episode.

Today, you’ll learn 3 specific plans to get you and your practice free publicity.

This means more new patients for the practice…

And the ability to help more people in your community.

If you do this right, you’ll even elevate your prestige and expertise in your state.

On today’s interview you’ll learn:

  • 3 precise plans you can use NOW for free publicity
  • Why dentists are told getting on local media publications is too hard (NOT TRUE)
  • Hear from Publicity Expert and CEO Andrew O’Brien…he’s the CEO who has helped small business owners                       around the country get free publicity
  • When TV interviews can be good for your practice
  • How you should CONTACT THE MEDIA…and what not to do!
  • The #1 way to connect with local media with authenticity
  • How a recent doctor had 61 new patients…days before opening her practice!

Enjoy…and learn…and accelerate your success in private practice ownership.


Jayme Amos

And the Ideal Practices Team


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