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9 top experts in Dentistry…


I hosted 9 of the TOP EXPERTS IN DENTISTRY while I was in Nashville.

The result?

A once-in-a-lifetime training…all caught on video.

Get Your Copy of the Top Experts in Dentistry Video Training Here

9 top experts in dentistry

Imagine…What would you pay to sit with 9 of the TOP minds in dentistry?

This is who you are going to learn from today:

  • Gary Takacs (Thriving Dentist Podcast)
  • Dr. Anissa Holmes (Delivering WOW)
  • Dr. Mark Costes (Multi-practice owner, DentalPrenuer)
  • Dr. Ryan Swain (founder of 6 Month Smiles)
  • Jonathan Vanhorn (CPA, DentistMetrics)
  • Dr Dave Maloley (Relentless Dentist Podcast)
  • Dr. Karah Maloley (Leading Dentist Podcast)
  • Tiger Safarov (CEO, Zen Supplies)
  • And me!


Incredible group, right?!


We were going to charge a couple thousand for this video as a course.

But, frankly, it’s just too good to hold back.


So, right now – you can get it for nothing.




I worked with my video team, graphics team and web team to build this as a training so that all dentists can learn.


The 9 Top Experts in Dentistry will give you specific actions you need to take in 2017 to thrive in dentistry!




Top experts in dentistry





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