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3D Printing for Solo-Dentists – the future is HERE!

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3D Printing Solo Dentist



I’ve been a 3D-Printing “groupie” for a long time.

If the technology had a tour bus, I’d be on it.


And now for solo-docs, the reality of 3D Printing here.


Today’s episode will show you this incredible tech that’s available.


Outside of dentistry you’ll find 3D Printed:

  • Jet engines
  • Toys
  • Automobile parts
  • Jewelry
  • Medical prosthetics



ALL DENTISTS can “print”:

  • Full provisionals
  • Single unit temps
  • Surgical guides
  • Night guards
  • And much much (exciting voice) more!



Private Practice owners will be able to print a perfect crown for just a few dollars.



Join me today on this mind-blowing episode.


You’ll learn what’s happening NOW in the 3D Printing revolution in dentistry.


This technology will be in your town…will your patients have YOU to thank?



Jayme Amos


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