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Ethical Communication – How to GET MORE YESES in CASE ACCEPTANCE

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Jayme Amos



Patients don’t want to be “sold”.

And NO COLLEAGUE should ever push unnecessary treatment.


We agree on that.


Truth is, you can follow a simple “Ethical Communication” process.

When you do, patients will benefit…and your practice will too.


That’s why this week’s expert will walk you through HOW to use the Ethical Communication system.

…while getting more “yeses”


Ethical Communication is today’s topic.

When you get this right, you get more yeses AND more patients who are happy with their decision.


In today’s episode, our Expert Guest, Dr. Chris Bowman reveals…

  • The 2-Step-Script for your front desk
  • Why Case Acceptance begins BEFORE the patient arrives!
  • How Dr. B created a “Top 5%” practice with Ethical Communication
  • TRUTH: It’s better to LEAD patients to yes…don’t YANK them
  • The simple 1-to-10 SCRIPTING that Dr. B teaches
  • How STELLAR I/O Photos should be used in this system
  • BONUS…hear Dr. Bowman beatbox like an old-school rapper : )


Dr. Chris Bowman has lectured on some of Dentistry’s biggest stages.


Today you’ll get more confidence and results…while your practice gets more Yeses with Ethical Communication.


Enjoy the training!



Jayme Amos





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  2. Learn how STARTUPS grow with tools like these at the Startup Practice Blueprint 


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