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Patient REFERRALS…is the traditional model BROKEN?? Learn this Expert’s Solution…

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Patient Referrals




The referral model in dentistry has been unchanged for decades.

Is that good?


…Or is it broken?


Today we’ll review the “traditional” referral model.

..and solutions that work.


In this expert interview, you’ll hear:

– The “Drive-By-Consult” strategy

– When YOU can use the Future Stacking method (not referring out)

– How this residency-faculty member faces the issue

– What SPECIALISTS need to know today

– When to refer out RCT…and “PLANNED RCT”

– How this Dr with 2 Practices adapts for the BEST PATIENT CARE

– Which oversized referral cards can help the practice



And much, much more.


This episode is PACKED…get out a pen and paper!



Jayme Amos


  1. Want to get Dr. Paul’s Referral Strategy Checklist?  Get it here
  2. Learn the 13 Stages for Dentists to open new practices (free here).


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