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How this Dentist got 1677 REVIEWS ONLINE…and how you can too

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1600 Reviews




It’s no secret.

Reviews are the path to new-patients in this new era of Dentistry.



How do you get Reviews without begging?

Which “platform” is best…google, Yelp, Facebook…help!


In this Ideal Practices episode you’ll learn the amazing story about:

  • How Dr. Len Tau got 1677 reviews
  • Why he LIKES having 5% BAD REVIEWS
  • The Google -vs- Yelp -vs- Facebook review battle (and the best one!)
  • 6 EXACT steps for you to get hundreds of reviews
  • Where the future of reviews is headed…
  • Avoiding negative reviews with the 4-Part-Script
  • Why ___% of patients trust reviews AS MUCH as referrals [SHOCKING]


This information has never been shared publicly before.


You’re about to learn from one of the world’s best examples of getting reviews in private practice dentistry.


This will be a major advancement in your knowledge about reviews…and how you can transform your practice with the right plan.



Jayme Amos





  1. Get Len’s 15 Rules of Reviews Workbook here
  2. Want to learn how Startup Practices use tools like these? Learn about the Startup Practice Blueprint course and request an invitation here.



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