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How the #1 NEW-PATIENT-TOUR…and the “insurance question”…create the best PATIENT EXPERIENCE

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Fee For Service



The easiest – no expense – way to improve ALL patients’ experiences in your practice is simple.

Just follow 2 easy steps.


Step 1:

Use the proven 7-Part-new-patient-tour model

(crafted by dentistry’s top consultant, Gary Takacs)



Answer the “insurance question” the right way

(for PPO and Fee-For-Service practices!)


When you listen to today’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • The 7 Part Tour (in 3 minutes) for New-Patients you can use today
  • How to answer the “insurance question”
  • The top 2 biggest CHANGES IN DENTISTRY you must prepare for
  • What 2000+ practices taught Gary about MARKETING YOUR PRACTICE
  • How Gary goes FEE FOR SERVICE (and still attracts new patients!)


Hang on tight…

Today’s episode will be one that will give you incredible new ideas to succeed in private practice!

Jayme Amos





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