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Have you ever asked which technology will help you deliver the best care to patients in today’s high-tech dentistry?


New methods are being used in practices with Text Messaging to give patients a new level of EXPERIENCE and CARE…but…



Most dentists are at HIPPA VIOLATION risk with text messages!


Today Jayme will talk you through…

–          Stats showing 90% of texts being OPENED in 1.5 minutes
–          How to use this in YOUR PRACTICE
–          When its “right” to text patients (and avoid!)
–          The RISK of texting HIPPA Violation-messages
–          [shocking] Why patients are TEXTING your OFFICE PHONE LINE
–          How to increase Patient-Experience with a Texting Process
–          Why dentists can get fined $50,000 PER TEXT
–          The simple, AUTOMATIC way to handle this new reality in private practice


Enjoy today’s episode…your ability to deliver the best EXPERIENCE & CARE to patients will now include texting in a way you never knew possible.



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Jayme Amos





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