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How to Setup an IN-OFFICE INSURANCE PLAN…the easy way

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How do you avoid INSURANCE FEEs and PPOs in your practice…WHILE getting patients the right care…even without dental benefits?


Dentists across the country want to set up simple In-Office insurance plans.


Today, you’ll learn the easy way to address this.


A few things you’ll learn today:

  1. How you’ll help patients who LOSE BENEFITS…today
  2. Why you can’t call this Insurance (unless you want to go to jail)
  3. The technology you need to track everything
  4. How to get PASSIVE INCOME when its set up right
  5. The shocking side benefit (hint: increasing the “sale” value of your practice!)
  7. Ways you can use the Elm Savings plan with a simple method
  8. SCRIPTING your team can use in YOUR PRACTICE


Get this practical training – and put it into action in your practice today.


When you do, you’ll help patients, profitability and the practice.



Jayme Amos




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