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How a practice-RELOCATION-strategy WORKS…(or FAILS)

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Patient Relocation



Relocating your practice will either be:

(A) your choice…and under your control OR…

(B) the worst news of your career


Which will you choose??


Both options happen to dentists and you CAN control this.


That’s why today Jayme will share case-studies about Practice Relocation Strategies.


When you listen today you’ll learn:

–    About the practice that was bulldozed (too early?)
–    The #1 relocation-protection for your practice
–    When a big grocery store could hurt your practice
–    [SHOCK] If  a relocation is EVER a good idea
–    Hear Jayme get emotional about a “relocation” in real time
–    Which COSTS you must consider in relocations


Study this information and prepare for your FUTURE In practice ownership!



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Jayme Amos





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