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[warning] Avoid HIPAA “Police” with your digital photography tools

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Patient Photso



Digital photography can grow your case acceptance…maybe better than almost any other tool!




What happens when that “tool” becomes your worst nightmare…as crippling HIPAA violations?


Dentists across the country are making dangerous (and risky) decisions when using digital images.

Colleagues have no idea!


Jayme will discuss powerful solutions you need to consider to protect your practice and your patients.


Today, you will explore:

–          The FIRST HIPAA compliant cloud tool for digital photos
–          Why “dropbox” could ruin your practice [warning]
–          When your attorney may need to be involved
–          How a Paramedic-turned-Private-Pilot helps dentists
–          Your DIGITAL PHOTO plan – for you, patients and referring docs


Learn how to protect your future in today’s episode.


Jayme Amos




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