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This Dr. RETIRED EARLY…with REAL ESTATE (not dentistry!)

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Real Estate Wealth Stratieges




Ready to Learn how dentists retire early…with a REAL ESTATE plan?
Here’s the secret….

This real-estate retirement plan doesn’t even need to include your “practice” real estate!


When you listen, you’ll learn:

  • How Dr. David Phelps retired early with a simple REAL ESTATE plan
  • FREE access portal to dentistry’s real estate investing publication
  • The calculation tool for DDS that shows YOUR AMOUNT needed for retirement
  • The TRUE STORY of a doctor who retired 3.5 years early…even though he thought he needed to work 10 years longer!
  • How doctors across the country are avoiding mistakes
  • Which real estate investments are protecting DDS retirement best


Enjoy this episode and prepare for a comfortable, protected retirement plan!

Jayme Amos






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