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Practice GROWTH with this “TOP 10%” Doctor’s Practice…and learn his 6-Month-Smiles strategy

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Jayme Amos



Today’s expert guest is a practice owner in the TOP 10% OF PRODUCING DENTISTS.

This is a guy you want to learn from.


Dr. Chris Bowman’s is…

…an expert in Patient Communication

…a Top practice owner and he’s

…getting patients RESULTS while BENEFITING the practice.


When you listen today Jayme and Dr. Bowman will explore…

  • How Dr. Bowman’s “niche practice” plan create 7-figure revenues
  • His strategic use of 6-Month-Smiles when it’s the BEST OPTION
  • WHY patients POSTPONE care…and how to address this in YOUR practice
  • The NO-SELLING treatment plan concepts in Dr. Bowman’s practice
  • Case-Presentation with Dr. Bowman’s “Destination Mindset Tool”
  • How Chris balances 3 KIDS, a JEEP and a PRIVATE PRACTICE!


Accelerate your understanding when you listen to today’s episode.


When you do, you’ll learn about the INNER WORKINGS of a Private Practice Model that could change the rest of your career!



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