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Tech in CLINICAL Communication – are you using today’s BEST METHODS for patients?

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Revenue Well



The best hands in dentistry are worthless…if your patient isn’t in the chair.


That’s why today you’ll learn about SPECIFIC TECHNOLOGY for:

  • How to care for patients WITHOUT appointments
  • The automation of growth and New Patients
  • a powerful tool for Clinical Communication



Dentists easy access to EASY technology for patient reminder emails and text messages.



But have you tapped into the power behind CUSTOM-CLINICAL-COMMUNICATION tools?


Today, Jayme and his guest today special guest, Joe, a Vice President at RevenueWell will discuss:

  • 3 phases of patient communication
  • Clinical Communication TIED TO your recare visits
  • The secret behind 46% of the workforce in the year 2020
  • How Technology of DATA MINING in private-practice can work for you
  • Hyper-Custom clinical content for your patients’ personal needs
  • 2 simple case-acceptance plans you can run TODAY


Ramp up your tech knowledge.

And your ability to increase clinical communication.


With these concepts, you’ll enhance patient care and your bottom line.



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