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Benefits of Option #1 – Dentistry’s Startup -vs- Acquisition Final Analysis

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Jayme Amos



Dentists who want ownership in private practice want clear, unbiased analyses.

The Truth:

The “right path” is different for every doctor.


You should ignore anyone who tells you one option is always better than the other. That simply isn’t accurate.


When you listen to this episode you’ll learn:

  1. There IS a solution for YOUR situation
  2. The variables are complex. But the solutions exist.
  3. Jayme’s candid, vulnerable perspective on Startups and Acquisitions
  4. KEY techniques to create a predictable path
  5. Financing realities that doctors must consider
  6. The STARTUP-ANALYSIS many colleagues have been looking for


Apply these answers TODAY – in your career.

With the right solutions, you’ll have control over your future in dentistry.

…and you’ll stand proudly as a successful private practice owner.


Bonus Resources:

  1. Get the Startup vs Acquisition VIDEO TRAINING from Jayme here
  2. Read the “2 Tests Comparison” article here 


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