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Startup -vs- Acquisition…how to know which is BEST

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Dental Startup vs. Acquisitions




Have you ever wondered if a startup is better than acquiring a practice?


Today, we’re going to analyze the options.

This may be the deepest comparison you’ve ever heard.


When you listen today, you’ll hear questions AND answers like:

–          Can the risk of “no patients” be WORTH IT in startups?

–          Should you buy the CASHFLOW in an existing practice?

–          The shocking danger about certain vendors in the process

–          Data you must consider to reach a profit

–          When the clinical figures matter

–          Precise CALCULATIONS to give you confidence in your plan


If you’ve ever thought this was a complex topic…you’re not alone!


The costs are high.

The risks are high.


But the ability to own a practice – and practice on your own terms – is worth the analysis.

So join us on today’s discussion and learn more in a day than many learn in a decade.

In today’s episode, you’ll analyze the options, right alongside with us!



  1. Get the Startup vs Acquisition VIDEO TRAINING from Jayme here
  2. Read the “2 Tests Comparison” article here


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