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Increase CASE ACCEPTANCE: How patients say yes…the #1 Case Presentation Method that patients will NEVER FORGET

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Case Acceptance



Patient IQ is important.

But it’s worthless when compared to what you’ll learn in today’s episode.


When you use this powerful case presentation skill, you will:

  • ENJOY case presentation everytime
  • Learn how to never feel “pushy” with treatment plans
  • Have patients who remember the important details
  • Get AGREEMENT from patients who could have misunderstood
  • Avoid situations when patients regret the treatment…or forget “why”
  • Prevent patients from changing their mind (Example: why did Mrs. Jones cancel…after she agreed and said the treatment plan sounded good while she was in the chair??)
  • Hear a strong “YES” from patients who understand the treatment plan
  • See your TEAM EMPOWERED to present cases for you


In today’s episode you’re going to learn a time-tested process to help patients understand, remember and say yes.

Use these concepts TODAY in in your practice and see the results immediately!





  1. Put this plan in place today with your team for 2 specific types of treatment
  2. Forward this episode to a colleague TODAY so all dentists win together!




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