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The true story behind 500,000 NEW PATIENTS…for private practice ownership success

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500k new patients



Hear today from the guy who lead the charge to bring in 500,000 new patients. His books and concepts will rock your mind with a new perspective on practice growth.


Today, hear the conversation that discusses:

  • How Facebook Emoji’s can help you get new patients
  • When NOT to market for new patients…and which #1 item must be finished before ANY marketing
  • Why the “surgical suite” should be reserved for every patient
  • The TRIANGLE that reveals patient-mindset
  • What Richard Branson (of Virgin Airlines) says about dentistry
  • The CONCEPTS used to bring in half-a-million new patients…per year
  • How your practice can use the secret “experiences” that Apple created


Get ready for a brilliant discussion to accelerate your practice growth.



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