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Jayme Amos Podcast



You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with*


But…what if you studied the things 33,000 of the elite dentists in the country do?

How quickly could you accelerate your successes in practice ownership?

Today, you’re going to access the private knowledge base and…

  1. Learn the tips normally reserved EXCLUSIVELY for this top group of docs
  2. Access the 3 TOP pieces of advice from the person who has direct contact
  3. Surprise yourself with the RIGHT focus on clinical skill improvement
  4. Get PERMISSION to ask “what do I want out of this?”
  5. Listen to the TRUE STORY of a doc who changed his ENTIRE COMMUNITY…and how YOU CAN TOO
  6. Hear when MENTORS AND ADVISORS should affect you


Will you become one of the elite docs?

Listen today and accelerate your advancement in private practice dentistry!



  1. *Props to Jim Rohn for the quote above
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