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Staff CELLPHONES – how doctors DITCH-the-DRAMA around office cellphones

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Jayme Amos Podcast



Doctors all over the country share frustrations with employment issues.


1 topic that needs to be addressed is staff cell phones use.

How do other doctors deal with this problem?


Too often, practices face misuse of team cellphones.

But it doesn’t need to be that way.


Today, you’ll learn:

  • The simple 3-part plan to make the cellphone topic EASY
  • Examples of “scripts” you can use with the team
  • The BIG RISK of loss if you don’t fix the cellphone issue
  • How to get the team to contribute to the SOLUTION
  • Why the MULTI-TASKING LIE is fixed with a basketball video
  • How to address the “family-emergency” topic


There is a happy-way to handle this!


Enjoy todays discussion and find clarity on the sensitive team-cellphone topic.



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